A Barnyard Full of Believers.

If you follow me on any social media platform, or have had even one in-person conversation with me, it is probable (definite) that you know about my dog. I’ve grown up in a household of dog-people, and since the early age of 7, I’ve had a pair of floppy paws running across the hardwood floors […]

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Islands and Boats.

Being in my twenties in 2019 is a challenge. The trends, styles, latest memes, and fads are changing at a rapid pace that quite frankly, I can’t keep up with. Just when I finally feel that I’ve managed to swim my way to the shore of Society Island, a tidal wave of yet another new […]

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Joy Unspeakable.

Have you ever had a long day at the office, stressful day parenting, or a disagreement with a friend that seemed to knock you off your feet? Steal your happiness? There are very few things as disorienting as flying over a speed bump that you didn’t even see coming. Simply put, it is just plain […]

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Not me, not me, not me.

To kick things off today, I want to express how excited I am over all that God has done these past few weeks. I know, personally speaking, that God has exceeded my expectations through teaching me, steadying me, and spurring me on to want more of him and his will. I’ve also been encouraged through […]

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Gratitude is the Attitude.

I have been abundantly blessed to have been born and raised in a godly household, with two of the most devout servants of Christ as my parents. With that said, the guidance and advice I receive from them during times of anxiety, doubt, and sorrow is always biblically sound and points me straight to the […]

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Surrender it All.

A few weekends ago I had the chance to chaperone a few awesome student leaders as they participated in a student-leadership conference. This weekend was my first youth trip as a chaperone and not a student, and it certainly did not disappoint. (I only lost one of the kids once so… crushed it.) During our […]

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